Monday, March 11, 2013

Why are human most comfortable at 22'C? Why not at 37'C?

selesa dengan  22`C ?kenapa tidak 37`C
\jjj why human most comfortable at 22'C? why not 37'C? it's at 37'C we already achieve equilibrium? body temperature 37'C, so, we must be comfortable at 37'C, not at 22'C...
ok, this is the fact:
'most of us cling to the habit of wearing pakaian. Clothing helps us retain body heat, some of which must be dissipated in order for us to feel comfortable in warm environments. Uncovered parts of our body usually radiated enough heat to meet the ambient air temperature halfway, if we are fully clothes at 22'C, the undercover hands, ears and face will radiated only a small portion of our heat, but enough to make us comfortable. Nude at 22'C we could feel cold, for our bodies would give off too much heat. Humidity and wind also affect our comfort level. The more humid the air, the greater ability it has to absorb heat. Wind can also wreak havoc with our comfort level.It hastens the flow of the heat radiated and then constantly moves the air away slightly cooler air to replace it'.
it's I take the correct fact? so, now we know why. this all because of our surrounding environments.
so, now, take a deep breath because you already achieve equilibrium even you know your surrounding temperature is different with your body temperature.oic

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